Fugu Without Tetrodotoxin is like Nascar Racing without the Possibility of Crashes


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fugu.jpg私の本の中で ア ブサンと火炎放射器、かなり反すうのビットなぜ人々は意図的に危険な食べ物を食べる時です。私はそれだけで1400カロリーハーディーズモンス ターThickburgerのような不健全な食べ物について話していないんだけど、食べ物を行う場合、または精度と経験を持つ処理は、実際に毒や生物学的 危険を含む可能性があります。 このリストは、驚くほどの長さとアキー(ジャマイカのお気に入りを含む)サルデーニャsheepherdersの(米国南部、緑、ゆで)とカース marsu(伝説の幼虫だらけのチーズヨウシュヤマゴボウ)しかし、すべてのふぐの間ではトップ、寿司から作られたトラフグの肉。魚の特定の臓器ので、不 器用に準備ふぐ刺身と1の最初の食事は確かに1つの最後のは、強力な神経毒テトロドトキシンの超豪華な金額が含まれます。
しかし、それはなぜ人々が必要だ。これは、食べ物についてではなく、私は多くの準備や食事の儀式として、どうなったと思うこれらの式の食堂を意味します。 魚の毒をテイクアウトし、同様可児情欲を食べることがあります。
私の知る限り、誰もまだどのようにしている唯一の他の動物の肉からtetrodoxinを削除することを学んだが知っている、粗皮イモリものの、イモリ、 おそらく粗末な握りのために作る。

Fugu Without Tetrodotoxin is like Nascar Racing without the Possibility of Crashes

By William Gurstelle at 10:43 AM February 22, 2010
Guestblogger William Gurstelle is the author of several books, including Backyard Ballistics and the recently published Absinthe and Flamethrowers. Here's his blog.
Recently in the London Daily Telegraph:
"An aquaculture company based in the southern prefecture of Ehime (Japan) said it had raised 50,000 non-poisonous fugu at a fish farm."
fugu.jpgIn my book Absinthe and Flamethrowers, there's quite a bit of rumination upon why people purposefully eat dangerous foods. I'm not talking about foods that are just unhealthy like the 1400 calorie Hardee's Monster Thickburger, but foods that do or might actually contain poison or biological hazards if not handled with precision and experience. The list is surprisingly long and includes ackee (a Jamaican favorite,) pokeweed (a southern US boiled green,) and casu marsu (the fabled larva-laden cheese of Sardinian sheepherders.) But the tops among all is fugu, the sushi made from the flesh of the tiger pufferfish. Certain internal organs of the fish contains extravagant amounts of ultra powerful nerve poison tetrodotoxin, so one's first meal with inexpertly prepared fugu sashimi is certainly one's last.
But that's why people want it. It's not about the food, I guess as much as the preparation and eating ritual, and what those ceremonies mean to the diner. Take the poison out of the fish and you may as well be eating kani kama.
As far as I know, no one has yet learned how to remove the tetrodoxin from the flesh of the only other animal that has it, the rough skinned newt, although newts probably make for lousy nigiri.
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